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Two piece frame

Two casts (two hands or two feet or one of each) in our beautiful deluxe frame. Complete with mounts and a nameplate.

£150 - Ideal for 0-3 months in our 8x8"glass size.

£165 - Ideal for 3-7 months in our 10x8" glass size

£175 - Ideal for 7 months & over in our 12x10" glass size

two piece frame

Four piece frame

Four casts in our beautiful deluxe frame. Complete with mount and a nameplate.

£225 - Ideal for 0-6 months in our 12x10" glass size

£240 - Ideal for 6 months & over in our 16x10"glass size

four piece baby casts frame

Four piece with Photo

Four casts sitting alongside a photograph. Photograph to be supplied by you and can be sent at a later date. If you are looking for a professional photographer, many of my Instagram photos are tagged.

£240 - 0-6 months in our 16x10" glass size

£250 - 6-12 months in our 18x10" glass size

over 12 months - please look at my toddler option below.

four baby casts with photo

Framed Toddler Casts

Ideal for 1 years and over. Choose from two or four casts, with or without a photo. Framed in our beautiful deluxe frame, complete with mounts and a nameplate.

£175 - Two piece in our 12x10" glass size

£240 - Four piece in our 16x10" glass size

£260 - Four piece with photo in our 18x10" glass size. Single mount as shown.

four piece toddler frame

Sibling / Family frame

This is your perfect solution if you have multiple children or would like parent casts alongside those of the children. We can display multiple casts in one larger frame.

From £240

Prices vary depending on number of participants and ages. Please get in touch.

Sibling / Family frame

Couples Clasp

An entwined casting between two people. Perfect for couples or parent & child. This is perfect for adults and can suit many special occasions; weddings, engagements, anniversaries.

£150 1 adult & 1 child

£175 2 adults

Couples hand clasp

Family Clasp

A free standing clasp for three or more participants. Ideally the minimum age is 5 years for this as it requires a longer setting time. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss. 

From £220

Prices vary depending on number of participants and ages. Please get in touch.

Family Hand Clasp

Open Hands

A free standing set of adult hands holding baby casts of either hands or feet. One of my personal favourites! 


Open hand cast


Bring your own idea to life with our bespoke service. Freestanding or framed items can be made.

Prices vary depending on requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Bespoke hand casts

Pet Prints & Casts

Capture your beloved pet forever with one of our pet casting options. Our easiest option is either an imprint or outprint. This is a no stress option for your furry friend.

We can also do the 3D casts like we would for babies, with or without you holding the paw. This requires your dogs paw to be held for approximately one minute.

£99 - Framed Imprints / Outprints (special offer, normally £130)

£130 - 1 x Framed 3D paw cast

£160 - 2 x Framed 3D paw casts 

Pet Casts

Baubles & Bell Jars

Perfect for christmas but also as a gift for grandparents. Bell Jars are suitable for all year round display. We can add white snow or feathers free of charge if you wish. 

£30 - 0-5 months when bought with a framed product (alone product price is £60)

£40 - 5 months or over when bought with a framed product (alone product price is £70)

Christmas baubles and bell jars

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available as a beautiful physical gift voucher or as an e-voucher which can be emailed straight to you. Available as a specific money value or a specific item. Valid for one year from date of purchase. This is perfect for a collective baby shower gift. Please get in touch to order.

Gift Vouchers

Freestanding Baby Casts

These casts are painted and supplied loose (as opposed to being framed) 

Prices vary as follows based on 2 casts:

£130 0-12 months

£160 1-3 years

£200 3-6 years

Freestanding baby casts

Other Body Parts

If you'd like a casting of a different body part, please get in touch. These are supplied free standing.

Belly Casting £325

Nipple £100

Naval £100

Adult foot £160

Lips £100

Pregnant Belly

Bereavement Service

We do offer some bereavement services for casts. These are very precious casts and can offer a precious keepsake of your loved one. Please get in touch if you require this service.

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