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Colour Choices & Frames

We have a large choice of cast colours, frames and mounts for you to choose from. 
To help you with your colour combinations you should think about where you will hang your frame, the decor of the room it will be in, and if you'd like to keep the casts as the main focus and opt for a neutral frame colour. There are lots of photos on my instagram account from previous customers to help you.
Our standard frame choices are White, Black, Grey, Oak, Dark wood, Natural and Silver. If you would like a more ornate frame please let me know.
Our standard mount colours are Black, White, Cream, Grey, Beige, Pink, Blue, Green.
We have around twenty cast colours to choose from - Various shades of golds, silvers, darks, rose golds, bronze and so on.

Colour Choices & Frames: Welcome
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